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Companies today operate in an extremely dynamic and hard-fought competitive market. The need to adapt to rapid change as well as to improve customer service continuously are frequent business imperatives. A decisive factor in business success is the need for the smooth exchange of information with customers and partners. Communications solutions that adapt rapidly and flexibly to new requirements and permit efficient communications help provide the necessary competitive edge. We at Aastra would like to show you particular aspects which should be considered when selecting a communications system.

Put your trust in a future-proof system

You may have already formed a basic picture of what your future communications solution may look like. But do you also know how your requirements will develop over the coming years? To be able to cope and adapt to future requirements, choose a solution which does not tie you to a specific technology type, and which is flexible enough to offer the best protection for your investment.

Rapid advances are taking place in communications technology. There is a move by many customers away from traditional line switched telephony (analogue, ISDN) towards voice transmission over a data network (Voice over IP, SIP). With such a move, the ability of a system to cope with future trends is now of central importance. With a solution that encompasses a full range of technologies, you can choose which one is right for you, and at which time. With an IntelliGate solution, you can independently decide when you will give priority to which technology. A modern communications system should also possess an open system architecture in order to be able to maintain independence when choosing future add-ons and expansions.

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Your requirements determine the solution

Would you like to have a solution that adapts rapidly and flexibly to organisational and technological changes? Do you also appreciate a user-friendly and reliable configuration interface for your terminals and applications? In this case, please pay special attention to the expandability and scalability of your new system.

Constantly on the move…

Due to the increased level of mobility in everyday business life, the ability to link geographically separated branch offices and to integrate field staff to the main office is of growing importance. Solutions where being remote means that you are isolated are no longer acceptable in the modern business environment. What is required are communications systems that support employees in their everyday tasks by providing all the tools and facilities available to colleagues in the main office, wherever they are.

The perfect solution

The Aastra IntelliGate 300 has been specifically developed to meet the communications requirements of small to medium sized enterprises (SME). This innovative system is designed for up to 50 subscribers. The Aastra IntelliGate 150 offers the same advanced features and facilities, but is targeted at companies and organisations with up to ten employees. The Aastra IntelliGate 150/300 systems come as standard with advanced features: use of VoIP, fully integrated mobile DECT telephony, music on hold and voicemail for every subscriber are all part of the extensive standard package.

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Aastra IntelliGate isyLink

Aastra IntelliGate isyLink contributes significantly towards further safeguarding your investment. Increasing the number of subscriber connections on your communication system has never been easier.

Depending on your requirements either one A150 and one A300 system or two A300 systems are seamlessly connected via an Ethernet connection, thereby increasing the maximum number of subscribers to 60.

System Features

Remote company sites, home workplaces and field employees can easily be connected with the Aastra IntelliGate 150 or the Aastra IntelliGate 300. Telephone calls can be routed across either the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) or over broadband data networks (LAN, WAN). Regardless of their actual whereabouts, connected users have access to all the functions and services that they would have at the company's headquarters.

The deployment of VoIP is particularly attractive to companies which have a high volume of voice traffic going between different company sites. With VoIP, calls are free of charge throughout the entire internal communications network.

Even the transparent networking with the Aastra IntelliGate 20x5 system family is simplicity itself, setting up an Aastra IntelliGate network (AIN) as a result. The standard SIP or QSIG protocols are available for networking with systems from other manufacturers. With the international fax protocol T.38 also supported, reliable fax transmission via data networks is also guaranteed.

React immediately to changes within your organisation

In the modern business world, companies have to adapt quickly to survive. Often this means changes in team structures and project teams. The modular design of the Aastra IntelliGate 150/300 means that your phone system will always be up to the task. Additional subscriber and exchange connections are easily integrated into the system using expansion cards, with other required features and applications enabled using licences. Plug-and-play capabilities ensure rapid and trouble-free installation.

Keep all your options open with the SIP standard

Aastra IntelliGate systems support the open international SIP standard, which greatly expands the area of application. For instance it allows access to the public telephone network via a broadband connection. Networking across different sites via SIP is also possible.

Flexible mounting options

Aastra IntelliGate 150/300 systems can be wall-mounted or fitted into a 19“ rack. Equipped with industry standard RJ45 connectors, systems can be easily integrated into a building’s existing wiring structure.

Systems can even be desk mounted and operated in a normal office environment; with no ventilator to disturb the peace and no exposed cables, Aastra IntelliGate 150/300 run discreetly and silently.

Cost effective solutions

The Aastra IntelliGate 150/300 are the heart of a highly cost effective business telephone solution, with low ongoing operating costs. Modern planning and analysis tools provide valuable assistance when planning a customised and competitive communication solution. Least Cost Routing functionality ensures that users make the lowest cost calls through the telephone network.

With VoIP, costs can be further minimised by using a SIP-based network and calls are free over a users internal date network. The IntelliGate 150/300 offers users powerful business efficiencies and cost savings.

The Return on Investment is further improved by making available increased employee productivity and improved customer service. Customers choosing to upgrade from older Aastra PBX solutions can be assured that existing Aastra system telephones can continue to be used.

Terminals and applications

Terminals and applications specifically matched to your working environment round off the Aastra IntelliGate 150/300. Make your selection from Aastra's extensive portfolio of user-friendly and high performance terminals and applications.

Convenience right across the board

The high-quality terminals of the Aastra IntelliGate family all offer outstanding voice quality, a clear display and an easily understood and intuitive user interface. The ingenious Foxkey, a central operating element that offers menu choices always relevant to the task in hand, guides you through the system’s functions. Aastra offers the appropriate terminal for every working environment.

From an entry level handset for areas with the lowest requirements such as workshops and conference rooms, right through to call-intensive secretarial services and attendant positions. What is more, each elegant design will blend perfectly into the working environment.

The interface between your employees

Efficient communication between the employees plays a significant role in improving performance. Take advantage of the numerous possibilities for improving cooperation within the team. Team display, automatic call back, dial-by-name and conference call facilities are but a few of the many practical functions.

SIP terminals easily integrated

In addition to the high-performance Office terminals you can also connect SIP terminals from Aastra or other manufacturers. Aastra SIP terminals, which feature an elegant design, handsfree operation, conference circuit and a headset socket, also support the state-of-the-art XML standard. It allows information services to be indicated separately on the generous display. WLAN and Dual Mode (GSM/WLAN) terminals can also be logged on to using SIP and then integrated into the company network. As with all Aastra IntelliGate systems and terminals, Aastra IntelliGate Management System (AIMS).

New opportunities with FMC

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) generally stands for the convergence of mobile and corded communication. This allows mobile phones to be integrated into the Aastra IntelliGate communication network, making key system features also available to subscribers on the move.

Remain accessible even when you are away from your desk

Using the DECT terminals specifically designed for mobile use, you can be reached anywhere on the company's premises and still have easy access to all system functions. It goes without saying that your trusted GSM mobile telephone can also be integrated into the communications system. Thus from now on, you can always be contacted via a single telephone number. WLAN telephones can also be used on your radio-based local network. If an occasion arises where you do not want to be disturbed, the flexibly programmable Auto Attendant can take control of call routing.

One Number

One Number from Aastra allows you to equip several terminals (e.g. desktop phone, DECT, GSM) with one and the same call number after they have logged on to an Aastra IntelliGate communication system, thus passing on different phone numbers is reduced. But of course you still have the possibility of determining whether new incoming calls are displayed on all the terminals or on selected terminals only. If you make changes to the phone book or the call list, the changes are immediately updated on all the terminals.

Tailor-made applications for your company's communications

Optimise your communication processes using tailor-made and high performance applications. Aastra offers you a comprehensive suite of proprietary software products and certified third party applications.

CTI (Computer Telephone Integration), UMS (Unified Messaging Systems), alarm generation and call centre solutions facilitate the professional management of incoming and outgoing calls and increase your employees' efficiency. Innovative CTI solutions (e.g. Aastra OfficeSuite) permit you to integrate existing contact databases (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook) with your telephony functions. Even before a call is accepted, you can have all the contact data for the customer clearly displayed on your screen. You can thus adapt your greeting in a professional manner and document and process the enquiry.

Multiple configuration possibilities

The A150/300 system can be configured via an SIP, ISDN or analogue exchange connection, in both online and offline operation.

IP system terminals

IP telephony solutions from Aastra simplify and promote communications within a company. Aastra is constantly innovating to facilitate new forms of business cooperation to promote efficiency and increased productivity.

With its range of flexible IP terminals, Aastra offers the perfect solution for every profile of business user. The extensive portfolio of Aastra IP terminals includes corded and PC-based IP system terminals.

Aastra’s IP system terminals stand out through their numerous application possibilities and other outstanding features that we would like to present to you in greater detail through this guide.

User friendliness

Thanks to the integrated "Fox" and navigation keys, operation of the Aastra IP system terminals is made particularly easy. Via the central navigation key, the user is guided quickly and logically through the extensive function menu. All available options are listed the display and can be selected directly using the Fox key.


Aastra IP system terminals are characterised by a modern and ergonomically coordinated design. Comfortable sculpted keys operate with a positive action and intuitive key symbols contribute to the system’s ease of use. Aastra IP handsets are designed with comfort in mind, however long you may have to stay on a call.


Important telephony functions such as searching for an entry in the system’s integrated phone book, hands-free operation or volume adjustment are carried out directly using the handsets’ integrated, pre-programmed function keys. Innovative Aastra IntelliGate system functions such as conference call, dial-by-name or call diversion are activated via on-screen menus, or if desired, via easily configurable function keys.


The angle of the Aastra IP system telephones can be set to either 25 or 40 degrees to best suit the room’s lighting conditions. This guarantees that you always have an optimal view of the display. Naturally, the telephone can also be wall mounted if desired. Do you often change your working environment within your company?

With the IP telephones from Aastra you are immediately available on your familiar telephone number, without any time-consuming configuration by the system administrator.


Communications terminals from Aastra are manufactured and tested in accordance with the strictest of quality regulations. This is your guarantee of an excellent speech connection and reliable service right around the clock.


Just a few simple actions are required to expand the Aastra 5370ip and Aastra 5380ip with between one and three additional key modules.

Networking and mobility

Because they connect to a company’s IP network, Aastra IP terminals can be used to integrate the phone system across multiple company sites, or to connect employees working in remote or home offices. All such users benefit from cost free calls between extensions on your network. Fully transparent networking ensures the full availability of all Aastra IntelliGate telephony functions wherever the user is located.

Greater mobility thanks to Bluetooth

Are you also someone who appreciates workplace mobility? If so; expanding the Aastra 5380ip with the Bluetooth module is now available as an option. Combined with a wireless headset it allows you to easily take and end calls straight from the headset.

Aastra, your reliable partner: Aastra is one of the leading suppliers of communication solutions, with a very large number of installed communication systems stretched across businesses of all sizes. Aastra is constantly building on its position via significant investment in new research, development projects and in the development of new markets.

Aastra IP system terminals

Aastra’s latest generation of Aastra IP business telephones is amongst the most modern available on the market. In addition to offering excellent voice quality, the high performance terminals are designed to be appealing to users via their modern looks, user-friendly operation and highest levels of reliability. Three different IP handsets are available to meet your individual requirements.

Aastra 5360ip: User-friendly standard model

The Aastra 5360ip fulfils all the basic requirements placed on modern telephony. Thanks to the integrated one-line display, the ten freely configurable keys and the innovative Aastra IntelliGate system functions, users are optimally equipped for the demanding office activities.

Easy to understand key symbols and clearly laid out keys make operation of the Aastra 5360ip child's play. For example, a single key press is all that it takes to display entries in the last-number redial list or the personal phone book. Using the loudspeaker key, team members who are present in the room can simultaneously listen into your call. When you leave your desk, the built-in absence key can be used to divert all incoming calls to your voicemail box.

The robust construction of the Aastra 5360ip also makes it an ideal telephone for visitor or service areas.

Aastra 5370ip: Comfort model with an advanced range of features

Via its "attention" LED, users are informed of newly received text and voice messages even if they have chosen to reduce the ringing volume. As standard, twelve freely configurable keys are available for team, control and alarm functions. As an option, you can add a further 15/20 keys by connecting the extension key module. When used together with a headset, the Aastra 5370ip is also optimally designed for heavy telephone users, such as call centre agents. Based on the DHSG standard, the headset can be used to control the volume, as well as to accept and clear down calls.

Additional network terminals (e.g. PC, printer) can be connected directly using the integrated mini-switch connection, which considerably reduces the LAN (Local Area Network) cabling work required. All models can be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or from an optional mains power supply adapter.

Aastra 5380ip:

The phone for sophisticated tasking In addition to its large back-lit display, the Aastra 5380ip has an integrated alphanumeric keyboard which saves users valuable time when searching for contact names or when writing text messages. Practical functions such as automatic callback, call forwarding and conference call also help improve efficiency during your daily routine. In order to protect the telephone against unauthorised use, access codes can be set.

Additionally the Aastra 5380ip can be equipped with up to three expansion key modules. Red or green illuminating LEDs indicate the current status of a function. Depending on the colour displayed you can immediately determine, for instance, whether it is an external or an internal call.

Even under poor lighting conditions, the navigation menu can be easily followed thanks to the backlit display.

Aastra 5380ip Operator Console

The operator functions implemented on the Aastra 5380ip with the supplementary key module M535 really come into their own at key switching points such as secretariats or company switchboards – in fact anywhere that has to handle very high volumes of telephone traffic.

Expansion key module

Thanks to the expansion keys, you always have direct access to the most important telephony functions. The Aastra 5370ip can be equipped with one, the Aastra 5380ip even with up to three expansion key modules, and hence provide sufficient capacity to store a multitude of telephone numbers or control and alarm functions. The expansion key module M530 with a labeling field incorporates 20 freely-configurable keys each with two memory places, the expansion key module M530 with an integrated display has 15 keys, each with three memory places. It is even possible to use both these expansion key modules together on the Aastra 5380ip in a mixed operation mode. When wall mounted, both Office models are limited to one single expansion key module.

PC-based system terminals

PC-based IP system terminals complement the wide range of Aastra business phones. They are of particular benefit to people who want to handle all their telephony functions through their computer interface. Whether as a single-user or operator workstation, Aastra 2380ip and Office 1560IP opens up new avenues in communication.

PC-based operator Office 1560/1560IP"

Is the boss in today?"; "Who’s on duty in the workshop?"; "Where are the sales staff?" Via the clearly structured graphic screen interface of the PC-based Office 1560IP operator console, you can see at a glance all the information you need about the availability of staff members, who’s calling, who’s busy, who’s absent.

Calls can be answered and forwarded with a single keystroke or mouse click. All the internal and external telephone directories are quickly to hand. And that’s not all: with the Office 1560IP you can also attend to your telephone duties at the same time as working on your PC programs such as word processing or spreadsheets.

Aastra 2380ip

With its Aastra 2380ip, Aastra has achieved the perfect combination of software-based IP phone and tried-and-tested Aastra IntelliGate system features. The extremely attractive user interface and intuitive icons make using the terminal a pleasure in itself. All the familiar Foxkeys, line keys and team keys have of course been clearly integrated into the user interface.

One particularly appealing aspect is that, in combination with a mobile computer, it is now possible to make phone calls from any location (hotel, airport, etc.) using an internet connection, with all the subscriber numbers and available functions identical to those you use in your office. Another plus point is that no additional call charges are incurred through voice transmission using IP-based data networks, allowing you to benefit from substantial cost savings especially with international phone calls.

Security and Quality

Security and quality are important to you and to us, too.

Security has priority

Aastra products are subjected to the most rigorous of quality standards and are checked by independent test institutes for their faultless and stable operation. The large number of installed systems and the customers' satisfaction are the result of our comprehensive competence and many years of experience.

Take advantage of our know-how

The installation of a new communications system should always be preceded by a careful analysis of the current situation and the actual requirements. Based on this investigation, the appropriate system solution can be precisely defined to meet your specific needs. Partners that have been carefully chosen and trained by Aastra are your guarantee of a trouble-free and efficient system implementation. It goes without saying that our service partners are chosen and trained with an extensive knowledge to provide you with support during operation of the system.

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