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Today most companies data is incredibly important to its success. That data needs to be reliably transferred to members of staff and customers throughout the world and it needs to be accurate. It's a fact that over 50% of network downtime and fragmented data is attributed to faulty cabling or badly terminated cabling. Choosing the right company to install your data cabling network is imperative to achieving optimum performance and maintaining a healthy working environment. With super fast transmission speeds and with greater data reliability, blown fibre optical cabling networks will give you peace of mind ete cabling infrastructure test, ACCL offers you 25 years of experience in data cabling installation and servicing – and because of that you can rest assured that your business is in the very best of hands.

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Blown Fibre Installations

Blown fibre optic technology is the smart way to install fibre optic cabling within a data network. It allows individual strands of fibre to be replaced quickly and easily, cutting costs and ensuring that the network can be constantly updated with the latest fibre technology. For buildings that need to be equipped with the best of the best, blown fibre optic cable is the perfect choice.

How Blown Fibre Optic Cable Work

Blown fibre optic cabling is simply an innovative way to install and maintain fibre optic cable; the actual data transferring fibres are exactly the same.

Optical fibres rely on the principle of total internal reflection. This principle explains how light will be fully reflected when it strikes a barrier at a specific critical angle. Optical fibres are constructed to carry light by trapping it within their core and causing it to be reflected along its entire length. Because light travels very quickly and will not degrade easily when contained within an optical fibre, fibre optic cables are a reliable and speedy way to transfer data.

Blown fibre cable is differentiated from other types of fibre optic cable by the cable's construction and method of installation. The cable is constructed of an outer jacket with a bundle of fibre optic cables within. Each individual fibre within the cable is separate from the others and may be removed by blowing air through the cable. A new fibre may then be blown through the cable to replace the old. With blown fibre, it isn't necessary to replace an entire cable when only one fibre needs replacing, which helps to cut costs and minimize waste. It is also much easier to replace fibres, since everything can be done from the equipment room and so doesn't require construction or any other kind of heavy labour.

How Blown Fibre Cables Compare

There are many different types of cables used for data and telecommunications, but the two main materials used in all types of modern cables are copper and optical fibres. Copper cable is older and currently more widely used than any type of fibre optic cable, which is a fairly new innovation.

It's easy to determine that fibre optic cables are superior to copper cables in terms of performance. Copper cables suffer from electromagnetic interference, which isn't a problem with fibre optics. Fibre optic cables can run longer distances than copper cables, and transfer more information more quickly and with less signal degradation. They are more flexible than the thicker copper cables, making them easier to install. The one area where fibre optic cables suffer is price. Copper is much less expensive to purchase and maintain. For smaller businesses which don't need the massive bandwidth afforded by fibre optic cables, the benefit of saving money outweighs the improved performance. This is where blown fibre optic cables come in.

Blown fibre optic cables, as previously explained, allow single fibres to be replaced quickly and easily. There's no need to spend unnecessary money on replacing an entire cable when only one fibre within the cable needs a replacement. There's also no need to worry about time and labour for construction work or anything else. For a company that needs to have cutting-edge technology, blown fibre cabling are the perfect solution. When new and improved fibres become available, they can be slipped into the original cables: no construction or re-installation will be necessary once the cable jacket is in place.

Installing Blown Fibre Optic Cabling

The initial installation of blown fibre cabling and any subsequent fibre replacements should always be carried out by a trained, professional installer for a number of reasons. Blown fibre installation requires all the same expertise as regular fibre optic installation, and then some.

Before blown fibres are even installed, their route must be carefully planned and tested. Installers must be aware of and conform to international and European standards. The cables must be connected perfectly and in a manner which allows fibres to be inserted or removed via wind power. They also have to be out of the way while still having easily accessible ports - a combination that may require significant construction work.

Once the cabling is installed, professionals must also be called upon to replace individual fibres when necessary. A trained technician will be able to identify the fibre or fibres which need replacement and ensure that the correct procedures are followed to properly replace those fibres.

Active Communication Company Ltd offers on-site consultation, network planning, an open test facility, professional installation, and technical support and training - everything that's needed for a perfectly installed, custom-built network.

Blown Fibre - Review

Fibre optic cable is top of the line when it comes to speed and reliability, but they are pricey to install and maintain. Regular fibre optic cables have to be completely replaced whenever any single fibre has a problem, which is hardly cost effective. With blown fibre cables, single strands can be conveniently replaced, allowing for inexpensive repairs and easy, construction-free upgrades.

Active Communication Company Ltd works with all leading types of cable, including blown fibre optic, and conforms to international and European standards to ensure work of the utmost quality. For any building that needs the very best in computer networking solutions, ACCL is ready to help.

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