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Brand-Rex is a leading global supplier of structured cabling systems for data networks, and is a niche supplier of high performance cables for extreme environment applications. Brand-Rex provides complete cabling systems that connect the IT equipment in our offices and datacentres – from patch cords and wall outlets seen in the office, to cable running under floors and above ceilings, to connectivity panels that interface with active equipment in the IT room. Within vast datacentres, hosting huge amounts of business-critical information, Brand-Rex offers industry-leading, high-speed and high-density solutions.

The core technologies provided by Brand-Rex include copper-based cabling systems, fibre optic cabling systems (including a unique air-blown fibre system) and an Intelligent Infrastructure and Management Solution that delivers full visibility and management capability to end user clients.

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Miscellaneous Data

Angled Snap-in-Jack Faceplate Module  
Brand-Rex solutions Brand-Rex FibrePlus Brochure
Brand-Rex Gigaplus Brochure Brand-Rex High Density Racks Cabinets
Brand-Rex MT Connect Pre-Term Fibre Brochure Brand-Rex Zone Cable Flyer
High Density Fibre Cabinet High Density Fibre Management Panel
MicroDuct Size Selection Guidelines - Size vs Fibre Count Tests Show that Cat6 UTP cabling cannot support 10GBASE-T
Select LAN Media That Meets Your Future Needs Structured Cabling Standards Update
standards based solutions  

Air Blown Fibre

Air blown fibre solutions Blolite and MicroBlo microduct connectivity
Blolite-External MultiDucts(2) Blolite-Internal MultiDucts
MicroBlo-2-12 Micro Cable MicroBlo-12-72 Micro Cable
MicroBlo-96 Micro Cable MicroBlo-Direct Burial Protected
MicroBlo-Direct Install MicroBlo-Indoor
MicroBlo-Non Metallic  

Copper Cabling

10GPlus Augmented Category 6A Augmented Category 6
10GPlus Brochure Cat6 Brochure
10GPlus F-FTP Cat6Plus Communication Cable F-FTP(2)
10GPlus U-UTP Cat6Plus Communication Cable F-FTP
10GPlus Zone Cable U-FTP Cat6Plus Communication Cable -S-FTP
GigaPlus Communication Cable F-UTP(2) Cat6Plus Communication Cable U-FTP
GigaPlus Communication Cable F-UTP Cat6Plus Communication Cable U-UTP
GigaPlus Communication Cable SF-UTP  
GigaPlus Communication Cable U-UTP  
U-MediaPlus UM10 PIMF Cable -S-FTP U-MediaPlus UM12 PIMF Cable S-FTP

Copper Connectivity

10GPlus Jacks Shielded Tool-free Jack 24 Port Coloured Insert Snap-in-Jack Panels
10GPlus Jacks Snap-In-Jacks 24 Port Inline Snap-in-Jack Panels
10GPlus Jacks Unshielded Tool-free Jack Blank Panels
10GPlus Modular Panel Cable Management Accessories
Cat6Plus Cross-Connect Patchcord  
Cat6Plus Cross-Connect Tower Units GigaPlus Jacks Snap In Jack
Cat6Plus Cross-Connect Wiring Bases and Blocks GigaPlus Jacks Snap-In Lead Frame Jacks
Cat6Plus European Style Outlet GigaPlus Jacks Tool Free
Cat6Plus Half U 24 Port Patch Panel GigaPlus Modules Slimline Shuttered Modules
Cat6Plus Jacks Shielded Tool-free Jack(2) GigaPlus Panel Unshielded
Cat6Plus Jacks Snap-In-Jacks GigaPlus Panel with Cable Management
Cat6Plus Jacks Tool-free Jack GigaPlus Outlet Triple Shuttered Outlet
Cat6Plus Panel with Cable Management  
Cat6Plus Triple Shuttered Outlet(2) Snap-In-Jack Angled Panel
Cat6Plus Triple Shuttered Outlet Snap-In-Jack Modular Panels
Snap-In-Jack Modules and Dual Angled Snap-In-Jack Modules
UK Styled Plastic Outlets and Accessories  
Voice Unshielded Panels  

Copper Patch Leads

10GPlus Augmented Cat 6 Blade Patch Cord  
Cat6Plus Patch Cords  
GigaPlus Patch Cords  

Data Centres

Datacentre Brochure Data Centre Cabling
Cabinets and Racks High Density Open Entry Rack Cabinets and Racks High Density Cabinet
Green Data Centres and Cabling  


IIM Solution Copper Patch Panels IIM Solution Copper Patch Panels(2)
IIM Solutions Components(2)  

Optical Cabling

Optical Cables BKT Breakout Cable Optical Cables External TFD
Optical Cables Mini Unitube Cable  
SFC and ZIP Ruggedised Fibre Patch Cable Universal MDU 01 and External MDE 01
SFC and ZIP Ruggedised Fibre Patch Cable(2) Universal PDC Tight Buffered Distribution Cable(2)
Optical Fiibre Standards update.  


MT Connect Pre-Terminated Fibre Systems Breakout Assemblies MT Connect Pre-Terminated Fibre Systems Cable Assemblies
MT Connect Pre-Terminated Fibre Systems Panel Assemblies

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