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ACCL has designed and installed major infrastructure technology into the Premier League’s new London headquarters. This now provides structured connectivity and is making a significant difference to the IT infrastructure throughout the organisation.

The major upgrading to the Premier League’s IT infrastructure began in December 2007, after the organisation vacated its existing building to move into a new space in Gloucester Place, London. This move provided the organisation with the opportunity to revise its network strategy and put a solution in place that would grow not only with its business but also with the demands of its IT applications

ACCL has provided a host of cabling installations for the Premier League, over the course of some eight years, so when the relocation project came about ACCL was invited to submit a tender for the Premier League’s cabling work. Having won the contract, ACCL began work on installing the Systimax system. ACCL, a Systimax Business Partner, started with a fast-track installation for all of the first-fix cabling and completed this initial phase in just eight days.

tenant active system

The Premier League wanted to develop a centralised communications system that would support advanced applications for at least the next five years, so it opted for VoIP, together with a range of media-broadcast applications, all of which were run over the cabling installed by ACCL. With performance well beyond Category 6 specifications, the SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED® XL Solution not only runs reliably and efficiently across the entire building but also provides a quick return on investment for the Premier League.

Simon Thunder, the Premier League’s Head of IT, says: “Despite the complexity of the installations, and the tight timescales that were allocated for them, ACCL have maintained high levels of quality and professionalism throughout. We have been constantly impressed with the way all members of the ACCL team have gone about their business and continue to do so. In these days of global communications, and in the high-pressure environment of football administration, we need to have 100% confidence in our IT infrastructure, and ACCL provide that confidence.”

The Premier League have since asked ACCL to install a full UPS communications room, plus a full environmental monitoring system within the communication. Part of this system included an early-warning sensor to detect fire or flooding whereby a signal is sent straight to the relevant IT services team in the event of either of these potential threats.

In November 2009, ACCL were asked to re-stack (re-locate) the cabling due to internal office moves and throughout these complex projects, ACCL has maintained an excellent relationship with Premier League officials through its flexible attitude to problem-solving and its commitment to providing high-quality products and services. It is a healthy relationship based on mutual trust and co-operation, and one which Wayne Connors, ACCL Managing Director, is justifiably proud.


  • Enabling comprehensive security alerts against threats such as organised gangs, opportunistic crimes, and terrorist threats.
  • Assuring a demonstrably safer environment, and reducing risk through fast communications together with automatically generated audit trails.
  • Providing a platform for packaged business applications such as the collection of retail turnover statistics and loyalty and incentive schemes.
  • Allowing two-way data and voice Communications between centre management and tenanted units.
  • Extending wireless data and voice connectivity to mobile operatives such as security guards, maintenance personnel and locally-sited police.
  • Offering simple integration with other systems, leveraging legacy technology investments, suiting the system for both greenfield sites and existing centres.
  • Opening the door to value added services, offering more customer choices and improving profit in the retail and leisure environment.
  • Optimising valuable retail space through the use of small footprint, end-user devices with flexible mounting options.
  • Gaining maximum return from essential platforms such as telephone systems, office application servers, and cabling infrastructures.

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