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data cabling has never been easier

Are you looking for a data cabling organisation that is totally professional in all aspects of operation? If you are ACCL is the perfect choice for you

  • We hold references and case studies from previous installations.
  • We guarantee the quality of workmanship for 5 years, should any component fail it is replaced FREE of charge.
  • All our components are covered by a 15-20 year manufacturers lifetime warranty
  • Our working standards have never been questioned

ACCL deliver perfect cabling solutions.

The process of installing a data cabling system is a complex task. Under no circumstance should wires or equipment be tampered with by unregistered, unqualified personnel.

Many systems require data cabling to be run throughout an entire building. These cables connect the data servers (computers in most cases) or to other individual pieces of hardware (computers, printers, telephone systems etc.). To maintain a network in a stable condition all cabling needs to be routed accurately. More often than not our engineers are called upon because unsatisfactory work being carried out in the outset. There will never be a substitute for using professional cable installers.

  • Our installers need to identify each individual cable by sight.
  • Cables need to be organised in such a way that they do not constitute an obstacle to anyone in the building.
  • Depending on the size of the network, hundreds if not thousands of data cables will be installed, this is often completed without any down time.
  • Our installers are fully aware of desk management.
  • All work completed by ACCL is fully tested and compliant to regulatory standards.
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If your organisation is interested in discussing your data cabling needs, please call our helpdesk on 0333 900 0101 or submit an enquiry through our website.

ACCL deliver true value for money

Our strict regime of preventative maintenance, the use of the right equipment for each task and our professional working standards puts ACCL at the forefront of data cabling solutions in the United Kingdom.

Our trained engineers are courteous and efficient; their task is to complete each job with the minimal of fuss.

If your IT equipment is important to the effective running of your business, you need to make sure all data cabling is fit for task and correctly routed. All too often poor cabling results in the premature failure of expensive hardware.