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Fibre Optic Installation

fibre optic installation

At ACCL we offer our clients a complete fibre optic installation service from; design, installation, completion testing and certification, right through to fibre maintenance.

Our client sites include Data Centres, University’s, Schools, Rail, Colleges, Hospitals, Blue Chip Financial, Banking sites and General offices.

ACCL has been specialising in fibre optic installations for over 25 years, our expertise covers all common, and some less common, elements of fibre installation including:

  • Traditional fibre optic installation – internal cable installations and external ducting road and campus.
  • Blown fibre installation – blown cable installation
  • Fibre termination – cold cure -direct termination – fusion splice termination
  • Fibre jointing – cable preparation – fibre splicing
  • Pre Terminated Fibre - Ease of installation, when down time is critical
  • Fibre testing – Fluke OTDR – ILM (Light Source/Power Meter)
  • Fibre auditing – documentation and fibre repair

Fusion Splice and Termination

With the ever increasing fibre hardware available including pre-terminated fibre optic cabling, all of ACCL’s trained and experienced installers are able to terminate and splice to suit all of our client needs - from 'hot-melt' to 'pig-tail' splicing of multimode and single mode cable.

  • ST
  • SC
  • MTRJ
  • LC
  • VF-45
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Commitment to Training

ACCL have been a member of the FIA for over 8 years and actively promotes its best practices in the installations of fibre optic. For the past 6 years Phil Whitehead has been elected to the board of directors and recently taken up the position as their Cross-media Promotion Director.

Phil represents the FIA on the BSI TCT/7 Telecommunications – Installation requirements committee, where new and revised standards are discussed and recommending changes to assist the installation industry. These include BS 50173 series, BS50174 series, ISO/IEC 11801.

Fibre to the Desktop (FTTD) Using Blown Fibre

With the ever-increasing need for speed and security, FTTD is fast becoming common in the modern work place. Each back of desks are supplied with a small fibre cable tube from the patch panel and terminated into a wall, floor, or distribution outlet the advantages of FTTD using blown fibre include high bandwidth capability for voice, data, video and network security.

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