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For further details about how a FREE 120-min audit on the health of your Voice and Data Cabling network could benefit your business, please complete the form below or contact us now on 0333 900 0101 and remember this is a FREE call - thank you.



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Cost Estimator

cable cost estimator

Designed by ACCL the Cost Estimator runs on the windows platform and is also available as a mobile app. Enter your cabling requirements into the fields and the program gives a complete estimate for your project

Technical Proposal eBook

technical proposal ebook

Written by Mr Wayne Connors this ebook could save you thousand of pounds - it covers all aspects for producing your next Technical Proposal for Data Structured Cabling installation.

Structured Cabling eBook

structured cabling ebook

This Procedure guide aims to serve both clients and project consultants who own an installation team. It covers precise working methods that you should follow on projects.