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Bandwidth is an indication of how much possible data can be carried effectively down a communications channel or pipe. Bandwidth is measured in Hertz (frequency).

  • 1 Hz = One cycle per second.
  • 1 kHz = One Thousand cycles per second.
  • 1 MHz = One Million cycles per second.


Copper Cable

Class Category Bandwidth
  A   100KHz
  B   1MHz
  C 3 16MHz
  D 5e 100MHz
  E 6 250MHz
  F 7 600MHz








General Measurements

  A Ampere
  °C degrees Celsius
  °F degrees Fahrenheit
  ft feet, foot
  Gb/s gigabit per second
  Hz Hertz
  in inch
  kb/s kilobit per second
  kHz kilohertz
  km kilometre
  kPa kilopascal
  kVA kilovoltamp
  kW kilowatt
  lbf pound-force
  m metre
  Mb/s megabit per second
  MHz megahertz
  mm millimetre
  nm nanometre
  µm micrometre or micron

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