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Moving or Refurbishing Your Office?

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Moving Offices or Refurbishing your existing ones can be a troublesome time - do you have an expert data company helping you? At ACCL we can provide you with a stress free solution to this undertaking so you can relax - so if you're moving office and need a data cabling contractor or you;

  • Need your data outlets tested?
  • Need help with a department move?
  • Need more data and voice points?
  • You're new cabling a mess, need help tidying up?
  • Need a cable audit?
  • Your old Phone system not up to the job?
  • Need a WIFI Network?

A change of business premises or simply refurbishing your existing office can be a big undertaking and there is much to think about - but have you considered your technology needs?

Ask yourself

  • How would your business be affected if you had to change your telephone and fax numbers?
  • Can the new location provide me with the Internet connection speed I need?
  • How many lines do you require for the number of staff?
  • What type of line is best for your business?
  • How long will it take to have the lines installed?
  • Do I need data cabling installed?
  • Can the buildings infrastructure support my networking needs?
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Contact us now on 0333 900 0101 it's completely FREE even from mobiles or press the 'Submit Enquiry' button on the right there or just click here and we'll help with that office move or any of the above services. We're here to help you

ACCL can help with planning the office move or upgrading your organisation's network infrastructure, a number of important considerations must be taken into account before you decide to proceed. Regardless of which cabling vendor you choose, they will require some basic information about your new office facilities, as well as your current and future business requirements.

To help and save you time, we have put together a number of document for you to down load covering all aspects of data cabling, from writing a tender document to setting a budget, this will save you time and Money, a city consultancy would charge you around £30,000.00 just for the tender document, we give it to you for FREE.

Cost Estimator

cable cost estimator

Designed by ACCL engineers the Cable Cost Estimator runs on the windows platform and is also available as a mobile app. Enter your cabling requirements into the required data fields and the program gives a complete estimate for your next cabling project. Save data to MS Excel.

Technical Proposal eBook

technical proposal ebook

Written by Mr Wayne Connors this ebook could save you thousand of pounds - it covers all aspects for producing your next Technical Proposal for Data Structured Cabling installation. If you hired a top city consultant it could cost you £30,000

Cable Health Check

structured cabling ebook

Keeping your voice and data infrastructure in optimum condition can result in less downtime and increased productivity to your company. During your FREE 120-minute audit, your network infrastructure will undergo a full comprehensive visual health check and a sample test to ensure you are benefiting from peak performance. Check-out this amazing offer

If you're moving offices and want more information on how we can help you please contact us;

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