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Your data systems need to be designed and correctly installed, it needs to be standards compliant and it needs to come with a comprehensive warranty programme. This is the best way to protect your investment and it will allow also for any future expansion requiremens.

With over 25years experience, we offer you a full network design and implementation service for all your CAT 5, CAT 6 voice/data cabling projects.

We provide and install all major brands of Voice Data cabling systems, from low cost to the more premium solutions. We understand that you are looking for a cost effective solution and we will help advise you on which voice data cabling system will best suit your needs.

Our promise is that we will take the time to understand what you are looking for and after a thorough analysis of the business requirements, we will put together a proposal that is tailored to meet your needs.

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What is Voice Data Cabling and what is a Category or Cat?

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Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify the wiring of data centres, offices, homes, buildings etc for data or voice communications, using Category 5 cables and above (CAT 5, CAT 5E, CAT 6, CAT 6a and CAT 7).

Our engineers use structured cabling to set up audio, video, and data over a network. By using Cat 5 and above cabling, you are able to achieve greater data throughput for your home or business needs.

Types of Voice Data Cabling

The voice data cabling used today is known as Category (shortened to Cat) and different types of Category cables are denoted by number. The Category cables all utilise twisted pair cabling, meaning that each circuit’s two conductors are twisted together throughout the length of the cable in order to eliminate external electromagnetic interference. In order to guard against 'crosstalk' (where voice data bleeds over into other circuits), the twist rates of each circuit within a cable are varied.

The following are the types of Category voice data cables which Active Communication Company Ltd provides and installs.

Cat 3

Cat3 cable, which can transfer up to 10 Mb per second, was popular in the 1990s but is still in use today for two-line telephones and even for VoIP under certain circumstances. It is composed of copper wires.

Cat 5

Cat5 cable is used for Internet as well as voice, and can transfer up to 100 Mb/sec. It uses 24 gauge copper wire, usually with three twists per inch. Although still fairly widely used, Cat5 cable has lost popularity to the upgraded Cat5e.

Cat 5e

Cat5e cable is the upgrade to Cat5, with crosstalk reduction and stricter quality specifications. It is possibly the most commonly used type of voice data cabling today. Like its predecessor, Cat5e cable can be a maximum of 100 meters in length.

Cat 6

Cat6 cable allows for faster data transfer than any of the Cat5 cables, but has a reduced maximum cable length in some circumstances (55 meters in favourable conditions and 37 metres in hostile conditions when considering running 10GBaseT) this is subject to the manufactures recommendations. Cat6 cable is backward-compatible with Cat5 and Cat5e.

Cat 6a

Cat6a cable can handle frequencies twice as high as Cat6: 500 MHz rather than 250. It operates under improved standards and specifications for higher overall performance.

Cat 7

Cat7 cable is very high performance, utilised for 10 GB/sec Ethernet and able to handle frequencies as high as 1,000 MHz. It is composed of 4 twisted copper wire pairs, like its predecessors, and is backwards compatible with Cat5 and Cat6 cabling. Two types of connectors are available GG45 (RJ45 style) and the TERA connector.

Installing Voice Data Cabling

The installation of voice data cabling is complicated due to several factors: the sheer number of cables involved in larger networks, and the different types of cables and connectors that may be required. Since newer types of cable are backwards-compatible, multiple types of cable may be used in a single network. This must all be connected properly so that the network functions as intended and no cables are left out in the open.

To ensure that everything is set up as intended, there is a specific set of standards which governs the installation of voice data cabling.

Voice Data Cabling Standards

Active Communication Company Ltd complies with international and European standards, so there’s never any doubt as to the quality of the cabling installation.

Specifically, ACCL tests its fibre optic and copper cabling in accordance with the standards set forth by ISO 11801; BS EN50153; and EIA/TIA Category 5e, 6, 6a and 7. Voice link cables are tested under BS6701-2004. Test results are available on disk if requested. Every one of ACCL’s processes is registered and documented with the British Standards Institute, so when it comes to installing voice data cabling or any sort of cabling, there’s nobody better qualified.

Voice Data Cabling - Review

A network which utilises voice and data cabling is a necessity for any business which wants Internet or telephone capabilities. With the newest technologies, cables are capable of transferring massive amounts of data at once for maximum efficiency and convenience. The installation of voice data cabling is a complex task which must be left to certified professionals, and International and European standards ensure that cabling installation by ACCL is the best any business could ask for.

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